ORSA Rifle and Pistol Ranges

Competitors at ORSA fire matches on four well-maintained and purpose-built ranges, and informal shooting is conducted on two ranges.  Our largest and most unique asset is our 30 point 1000-yard High Power Rifle Range.  This range is equipped with easy-to-operate cantilever targets, available target frames with centers for all yard lines, a high dirt berm for ease of impact recognition, and well-mown berms.  Smallbore, M1-Carbine, and pistol matches are held on the Competition Range.  This 100 yard range has a covered firing line, and may be equipped with new turning targets.  Hard target points are located at all needed yard lines for pistol and smallbore events.  The Benchrest Range also has a covered firing line and is available for benchrest events, as well as for zeroing.  Targets are located at 50, 100, and 200 yards.   ORSA also has a newly-renovated indoor 50-foot indoor range.  Pistol and smallbore events are fired in this facility.  In addition, ORSA has a newly-built Rifle Practice Range with steel targets located at 35, 50, and 100 yards.  This range, with its covered firing line is available for informal plinking and for honing your marksmanship skills, particularly if you are a 3-gunner or wish to just do some function testing; and we have a pistol plinking range, also with a covered firing line. 

Select any of the above ranges for the range rules.