HP - Across the Course

NRA Registered High Power Tournaments
Contact: Drew Rowe
Jun 1-4 Charlie Smart NRA Regional

NRA Approved HP Rifle Matches
Contact: Drew Rowe
Apr 1 (80)
May 6 (80)
Sep 2 (50)
Oct 7 (50)

Club HP Rifle Matches
Contact: Tim French

CMP EIC Rifle Matches
Contact: Gerald Bowers
May 7 
Jun 4 (Regional)
Sep 3

2023 CMP Basic Rifle Clinics
Contact: David Kiefer

CMP Basic Rifle Clinic with Rimfire Sporter Match
11 Mar
26 Aug
CMP High Power Rifle Clinic with GSVM Match
22 April
23 Sep
New shooters to XTC competitions are encouraged to attend at least one clinic.

Camp Perry Practices
Contact: Tim French
Apr 15
Apr 16
May 27
May 28
Jun 24
Jun 25

Page last updated: 09-APR-2023

Garand and Vintage

CMP Games GSVM Matches
Contact: Kyle Kirschenmann
Apr 22
May 20-21
Sep 23
Oct 21-22

CMP Games VST Matches
Contact: Kyle Kirschenmann
May 20
Oct 21

CMP Games Carbine Match
Contact: Kyle Kirschenmann
Sep 16

Printable 2023 Schedule

Long Range / Mid Range Prone Rifle

NRA Registered Tournaments
Contact: John Friesz
Jun 9-11 NRA Regional LR Rifle Championship
Sep 8-10 Tennessee LR Rifle State Championship

NRA Approved LR Tournaments
Contact: John Friesz
Mar 11-12
Apr 8
May 13-14
Jul 8-9
Oct 14-15

NRA Approved 3x 600 Mid-Range Match
Contact: Tim French
Apr 2

LR Rifle Clinics/Training
Contact: Ron Friesz
LR Rifle Clinics:
New shooters to 800/900/1000 yard prone only competitions are encouraged to attend at least one clinic.
LR Team Training:

Tim French 865.389.3437 [email protected]
Gerald Bowers 865.981.3263 [email protected] 
Drew Rowe 864.353.0822 [email protected] 
David Keifer 865.456.2074 [email protected]
Kyle Kirschenmann 865.621.5506 [email protected]
Ron Friesz 423.208.0442

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