HP - Across the Course

NRA Registered High Power Tournaments
Contact: Tim French
Jun 4-6 Charlie Smart NRA Regional

NRA Approved HP Rifle Matches
Contact: Drew Rowe
Mar 6 (80)
Apr 3 (80)
May 1 (80)
Sep 4 (50)

Club HP Rifle Matches
Contact: Tim French
Nov 6 Wind Dog Random Doubles (50)

CMP EIC Rifle Matches
Contact: Gerald Bowers
May 2 
Jun 6 
Oct 2
Oct 3

CMP Basic Rifle Clinics
Contact: David Kiefer
Mar 20
Apr 17
Sep 25
New shooters to XTC competitions are encouraged to attend at least one clinic.

Camp Perry Practices
Contact:Gerald Bowers
Apr 24-25
May 22-23
Jun 19
Jun 26-27
Jul 17-18
Additional Sessions TBD

Page last updated: 09-JAN-2021

Garand and Vintage

CMP Tennessee GSM State Championship
Contact: Kyle Kirschenmann
Oct 15-17

CMP Games As-Issued GSM and Modern Military Matches
Contact: Kyle Kirschenmann
May 15
Sep 18

CMP Games Vintage Sniper Matches/Carbine Matches
Contact: Kyle Kirschenmann
May 16
Sep 19

Printable ORSA  Entry Form 
Printable 2021 Schedule

Long Range / Mid Range Prone Rifle

NRA Registered Tournaments
Contact: Larry Sparks
Jun 11-13 NRA Regional LR Rifle Championship
Sep 10-12 Tennessee LR Rifle State Championship

NRA Approved LR Tournaments
Contact: Larry Sparks
Mar 13-14
Apr 10-11
May 8-9
Jul 10-11
Oct 9-10

NRA Approved 3x 600 Mid-Range Matches
Contact: Tim French
Mar 7
Sep 5
Nov 7

LR Rifle Clinics/Training
Contact: Larry Sparks
LR Rifle Clinics:
Mar 21
Apr 18
Sep 26
New shooters to 800/900/1000 yard prone only competitions are encouraged to attend at least one clinic.
LR Team Training:

Tim French 865.389.3437 orsariflepistol@gmail.com
Gerald Bowers 865.981.3263 coldfire70@comcast.net 
Drew Rowe 864.353.0822 pa_rifleman@charter.net 
David Keifer 865.456.2074 orsaclinic@gmail.com
Randy Booker 865.323.4213 rbookerwinddog@gmail.com
Kyle Kirschenmann 865.621.5506 kkmann64@gmail.com 
Larry Sparks 865.643.0672 Larrysparks423@gmail.com

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