Welcome to our New Shooter FAQ.  Your interest in marksmanship excellence puts you in good company, both from a historical perspective and with our rifle and pistol shooters.  Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship, from the earliest days of our republic, has been an American tradition and a coveted skill.  As you progress, you will find that being a competitive shooter is one the most challenging and rewarding activities you will ever engage in, and the friends you make as a competitor will be some of the best you will ever have. 

The rifle and pistol shooters at ORSA are absolutely dedicated to teaching firearms safety, marksmanship, and how to be an effective competitor, and these activities are conducted on some of the finest ranges that can be found anywhere.  Here are some frequently-asked questions to help you understand our program and how to get started.

Where do I start?  New shooters typically begin by participating in one of several “Civilian Marksmanship Program New Shooter Clinics” at ORSA.  When you register, you will receive a confirmation email.  Be sure to follow the instructions in the clinic announcement on what to bring and wear to the clinic.  The most valuable aspect of the clinics is that participants are able to ask questions, receive instruction, and interact with their coaches in a way that is not possible during a competitive event.

What will I experience and learn in the clinic?  We begin in the classroom with firearms safety instruction, and a short introduction to the stages you will fire, positions, and equipment basics.   From there, you are introduced to your coach who will be an experienced competitor, and then you will move to the range.  At that time, you will be given detailed instruction on position basics, how to load and operate your rifle, and marksmanship techniques. 

What do I buy/need?  All equipment needed for the clinic is provided.  You need only bring a light lunch, eye and ear protection. 

I am interested in competitive shooting!  What are the next steps after I finish the clinic?  Now that you have completed a clinic, you are familiar with firearms and range safety, scoring, the course-of-fire, the positions, and some of the competitors.  The next thing to do is to come observe or participate in one of our practice sessions that run year-round.

When can I compete?  After a couple practice sessions you should be familiar enough with what you need to do to compete, and have an idea of what a match will run like since outdoor practice sessions are structured in a similar manner. 

I don’t have any or all of my equipment, yet?  How can I participate?  The club has rifles, ammo, and the basic gear available needed to compete for your use till you decide on what you want to obtain for your own equipment.